Celebrate yourself NOW

You may be devastated outside for whatever betrayals life has thrown at you…maybe in work, in relationships, or even your relationship with yourself. Things may break apart on the outside and all that existed may be decimated.

Here is the trivia most people ignore: nothing has the power to destroy or pierce your soul. The entity that trusted before the betrayal. The entity that is always aligned with you, for you and expressing divinity through you – no one ever had that power, no one ever will have that power. True love is what we are made up of. How can any resentment, anger, hurt, pain or anything on the outside ever think of overpowering that?


Neither a human being nor any action of theirs can steal away the love for your inner self that we all are blessed with.

Celebrate yourself internally. Everything will eventually fall in place on the outside at the right time.

Abundance of awesomeness to you

Nishtha Gehija