It should not be so easy, right?

We all become our influences. Friends of our friends’ friends determine our behavior as the research indicates.

This typically is not a very good news for a lot of people, as most of us have unconsciously surrendered our power to these people surrounding us.

So here is the good news: the biggest influence on yourself is your mindset. If you allow yourself to have a mindset of creativity and happiness, then you will allow only those kinds of influences to enter your aura.

Just because someone else is not using their positive attributes, it should not become a reason for you to give up on yours.

This is so important that you need to read it again: we do not need to give up on our qualities because someone else has refused to use their own. It cannot be so easy at all. It is impossible. I humbly request you, you only have the control over your attributes. No one ever has the right to make you devoid of them because of their anger and hurt.

Know what greatness you are made up of, and help us blossom in your presence. The world needs people who allow others to shine, so that we all can glow infinitely.
Abundance of awesomeness to you

Nishtha Gehija