The Journey of a Hero

The journey of a hero is never going to be a straight line. If you want to never have ups and downs, and feel comfortable with everything, just do nothing. Doing nothing is the best way to sit and never have faced any challenges. However, in that situation as well, there is a 100 % probability that you will have your mind affected by externalities and so there are going to be bumps in the road. 

So go ahead you brave soul,  do what your heart is transpiring you to do and create. Lean into what you are emotionally drawn to. There lies all your happiness and freedom. People run about making money first and thinking of the other things later on. Go for what makes you click. Be happy there. You are definitely going to be devastated. Following that devastation will come your creation. Where you will find yourself. If you create your own brand around authenticity and vow to bring tremendous amount of value to the market place,  money is going to be the byproduct. 

Each one of us is subconsciously looking around for people who are living the life of a Hero….not of a movie star however a Hero for their own definition, so that this Hero becomes a sponge for everyone else to absorb examples from,  and do their own small job.  

Rise up You Hero, we all Need to grow from your example of possibilities.