Here’s to the psychos… 

As the famous Apple commercial states: “….you can’t ignore them”, are you that psycho of that industry who is not ignorable by anyone. Your industry peers may like you or dislike you matters little as compared to are you doing significant work that makes you vulnerable and visibly amazing? 

Are you giving so much value to the marketplace that no matter what, you are irreplaceable. 

Are you making the world such a wonderful place by your very existence that the world will be a better place because you have existed? 

Are you spending your time with the right people? 

Are you letting go of the negative influences that are ruining your mindset?

Are you staying consistent on your path to mastery irrespective of what bumps the road ahead brings to you? 

Are you energised and walking with passion even when the things on the outside are momentarily falling apart?

Are you doing your part to fill yourself up, because only when you are full,  you will pour out your awesomeness for all of us to witness. 

Are you doing your work not because you are supposed to do it, rather because you are filled with passion to do it?

Most importantly, are you being You, the psycho You which no one else in the galaxy has the right to replicate? Only when you get down to this level of madness, you will witness what you are truly made up of.

All my amazing awesomeness to you….

Nishtha Gehija