Fear of meeting yourself

Most of us just allow life to happen to us instead of we having the remote control to our life and happiness. Let me tell you, life does not give you anything on your platter that you cannot handle.

The reason why we let situations dominate instead of our own heart play the game is because we are too frightened to be judged by our friends, our siblings, our spouse or lover, and most importantly, our parents.

Whatever questions we are confused about in life, what all unpleasant or unacceptable that is happening around us, we all always do know the solutions to them. Yes, even in the darkest and strangest of times, we have the solution to all our miseries. We are simply waiting for someone’s permission to dictate that to us. Which is the scary part.

Here is the breaking news: you will always find true happiness in your life when you operate from your heart. Rest all solutions will fall in place naturally.

Decide now what your heart wants, and then draw a backward line from that point to be followed today. We all go in life only as far as our compass. All your bliss lie in here. ♥