Your emotions are the powerhouse to your life

We all are dealing with some thing or the other in our lives. This is what human existence is all about. To figure out creative solutions to the challenges that human life has been blessed with. Yes, challenges and disrupting situations that occur in our lives are a blessing if we choose to let them.

The best thing we all must do every single day, whether we are superhappy or going through a valley of darkness, is to learn to get still. This stillness or meditation not only makes us reach our true self which is infinite and limitless, we also get to have the solutions to all that we have been looking for, out there, in our lives.

It is said in the outside world that if you want a negative situation in your life to disappear, go expose yourself to a brand new environment, go on a vacation with your family or friends, start immersing yourself more into your work, go for a shopping spree and all the like, so that the thing that has been actually gripping us over emotionally, loses its control. Well, here is the most important thing: your emotions are the powerhouse to your wellbeing in life. We may think that if we set and achieve goals financially, physically, and focus on something entirely different, we may forget about the emotional drainage that is happening.

No, this is not the truth.

You are indeed doing a great job by doing your work in the midst of an emotional turmoil, and that is beyond commendable. However, we do need to understand that dealing with our inner demons is the biggest and most important task that we as human beings are assigned. Sometimes getting a solution to an emotional dilemma involves making a phone call and kindly talking the things out. Sometimes getting a solution is a process that we are not able to comprehend with our five senses.

In such a situation, keep up your meditations. Give yourself the learning that you have been consciously feeding. Take out all your thoughts in your journal. Take one small step towards creating a beautiful thought of blessing for the creator of your hurt (because you are a light-worker). Never give up on your transformation even though the answer to your emotional hurt is not yet wide open to you. Sometimes the answer may be known to you subconsciously and sometimes the answer may appear to you after a year of practicing stillness. No matter what, treat your emotions as powerhouse, and direct them only in powerful directions. You may feel compelled to let anger take over, run the show and allow your spirit to suffer because you did not kill the demon within. What will happen is that the seed of demon left unattended will come back to you in a different set of pants or skirts to teach you the same lesson in a different format.

Our soul and sole purpose on this planet is to evolve. While material evolution will give you a lot of shoes, emotional and spiritual evolutions will provide you the reasons to be happy and contented to enjoy those shoes. 😊

Wishing you tonnes and abundance of evolution,

Nishtha Gehija