Because you are so special….

Do not wait for anyone to show you your light. You are pure, beautiful, wonderful, joyful and abundantly awesome from within. No one can take that away from you. Whatever hurricanes life has thrown at you; you are the hero that you are looking for in the outside world. Believe me, each one of us, every single one of us is blessed with at least one if not many purposes of life.

At the end of our lives, each one of us will wish we would have loved more, devoted us deeply into our work, travelled more, cared more, and let go of the things that had been breaking us down. Yet so many of us allow people, friend invitations on social media, cynicism from the haters, and underachievements of the majority of the people define us. You are beyond the reality. You really are. Do not let the reality define you. Do not let the negativity not allow you to create your own positivity. Do not let the heartbreak break your soul. Do not let the less money in your bank account in the present affect the abundance of money in your bank account in the next moment. Do not let the water-cooler gossipers destroy your focus on your work.

You are more than powerful enough to carve out time for your passion because you and I are in the same business: to serve the world. You are inbuilt to feel joy in your heart in every moment. You have been programmed to trust your intuition because it is always showing you your next right move. You have the mastery of focus on your mission that makes you decline to the multiple party invitations flowing in to you.

There is no more time. We just cannot afford to wait for others to be their superawesome selves so that then we can exercise our own. You are the light worker sent on this planet to show the world their light. Please make that light illuminate, a little bit more each day, because you with your talents and gifts are more than special for the world…