The Power of Authority

Spiderman movie says: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

1. To talk to everyone with respect. Because no matter their status or position, every single human deserves it.

2. Balancing your opinions of authority with acceptance of the child. It simply means, when asked for an opinion, please provide that, however do not confuse that with the necessity of your opinion being accepted. Whatever the decision is made, be loving to accept it with joy and happiness. Even though you know that the decision is not right, your role was only limited to offering your opinion and now it has to be of acceptance of the situation. Acceptance equals love of people over attachment to own opinion.

3. Always lift people up, never bring them down. Appreciation of what is, creates room for what could be.

4. Be the walking, moving, radiating icon of joy and happiness. As you rise in authority, be more loving, humble and hugger of this beautiful gift called life.

5. Bonus point: walk in the rain ☺

Abundance of joyful awesomeness to you. Keep rocking, keep moving forward with grace and keep growing. Click here if you want to take control of your life by not checking notifications each time you see your phone and rather read a wonderful e-book that enlightens you up.