You do take care of your property, right?

When we sleep at night, we make sure that all the doors are properly locked. We take care to keep our valuables in a bank locker instead of letting them wander in our home. Our wallet is secured perfectly in our bag / pocket so that it is safe during transit.

No one ever taught us these things, yet we all are wonderfully aware of them. How? Because we learnt it from our parents and surroundings. They learnt it from their parents and surroundings. The same was passed on from generation to generation without the verbal teaching taking place.

What about locking the doors of your mind against negative influences? How about taking care to allow only positive, uplifting thoughts to enter the door of your mind? The mental food? Is it constituted of jokes being cracked on WhatsApp or do you deliberately make the choice to read a page of an e-book instead of trawling through your notifications?

We learnt not to take care of our mind from the same source: our surroundings. The consequence is quite evident in our lives: pain, anger, jealousy, competition, comparison, frustration, depression.

What about being guard of your mind that must have been our primary purpose? Today most of us are having abundance of external pleasures yet find it difficult to sleep peacefully at night. It is high time that we all do an audit of our own selves and start taking steps that will take care of the mind, body, and spirit so that we are fulfilled from within instead of looking forward to others to make us happy. Taking care of what is going on inside of your own self is the biggest safeguard to the priceless property we all have been blessed with. A word of caution: it is not going to be easy. Any sort of transformation requires discipline and consistency. Your body requires right types of exercises and meals in order to be fit and strong. So does your mind. Discipline. Focus. Faith in yourself. Dedication to reach your peaks no matter what stones life throws at you. Power to say no to reading and gossiping on chats. Power to say no to all those invitations that diminish your focus. Power to know that you are powerful to bring the shift in your life no matter what highest lows you have witnessed in your life so far.

This is the highest truth: your happiness, peace, stability and calmness is your biggest power. Sow the seeds of optimism and gratitude in all seemingly negative circumstances and stand guard at your mind against allowing any sort of negativity into your mind. This aura of yours is your greatest asset.