Never lose hope

Sometimes the only person who will believe in you is you. Sometimes when all the hopes go away, you need to trust that the hand of the Infinite, or God, is always with you. The life that we are living today, and every second of our working days, is the infinite blessing that we all have.

Being caught in the daily rut of things may make us forget that. Which is where we lose our magic. What would happen if we were grateful for every moment of the living days that we are blessed with? Would difficulties not arise? Of course they will, and with those difficulties, you will have the internal strength to find out what is the magic going on here that will make you more powerful from hereon. Life is a game of seasons. Sometimes it is spring and sometimes it is autumn. There is nothing to feel bad about it. Thinking it is spring in autumn is not positive thinking. Donning warm clothes on yourself during autumn and making the best of weather happily and cheerfully is positive thinking and positive doing. Isn’t it?

No one, not even the Supreme Court has the power to reverse whatever has happened to us so far. The good news is, your past and the present have absolutely no relevance to what your future holds for you. Let us be honest about it: every single human being, has faced at least one situation in their life wherein they were completely shattered and they came out of it better and stronger. The chapter of Persistence in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich is one of the master chapters of the book. It reminds us to be the child that we were: no matter how many times did we fell down, eventually we did get up and start walking and eventually running superfast. Was this visible when you first started to crawl? I bet it wasn’t. Did you envision that you will walk? Of course you did. Through persistence, through never say die attitude, through being relentlessly relentless, such seemingly impossible task is your reflex action now.

Here is a story I want you to consider: once a seminar attendee told that he had decided multiple times to not to get angry thereafter. However, he was not able to sustain that decision with him during any of those times.

Could you see the narrative? The story this human being had told himself was that he won’t be able to sustain what good decision he had made. This narrative was driving his entire life. What would happen if this guy changed his narrative and decided that he will be calm and stable no matter what happens, and he will sustain this decision?

What if you and I could change the stories that we have been unconsciously telling ourselves? How would your deliverables be affected if once you decided, you achieved that thing no matter what the reality was being offered?

You just need to decide my friend. Be full of knowledge and awareness that decision moves mountains. Optimism and faith provides fuel to it. Massive action assures it. Believing and seeing the unseen conceives and protects it.

Bonus point: Difficult times arrive only to those who dare to move out of the normal and try to change the world. There is going to be no noise up there in the mountains and you can easily meditate metaphorically speaking. Come, be a meditator as tough and relentless as you, amidst the chaos and hurt souls of the world. Come, be the hope-full, not hopeless hope 🙂


Nishtha Gehija

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