Love is all you need

So do we. What we all need from you is to do what you love. Do that which fills you up with joy and peace of contributing to the world.

Here is the caveat: you cannot deliver your superbest creativity to the world if you are living your days smothering your dreams and fulfilling someone else’s.

For each one of us to be uplifted by your example and inspired by you to see the love and devotion to all that you produce into the world, please do what you love.

Do what you love.

If it is not something that you do right now, how about spending a few minutes each day and 5 hours over the weekend, instead of exploring the next new pizza outlet? What say?

Is it going to be easy? Nah… Is it something that you are going to enjoy? Definitely.

Years and decades will pass anyway. What you do between those, defines your legacy.