The measure of your greatness

Your greatness is defined by:

  • whether or not you talk about people on their back.
  • how quickly do you let go of trivia (and the big things).
  • the incessant amounts of practice that you put into creating wondrous levels of craft ever produced
  • your awareness of the weaknesses in here and not out there, so that you could control what is possible
  • how quickly you forgive yourself (Being on the journey of greatness never meant that you were not going to make mistakes. It simply meant that you will be equally, if not more, humble with yourself as you do for the mistakes of everyone around you.)
  • you focus on what is right for you and let go of the judgement of others, knowing that every human being is on their own journey of transformation, and are doing their best as per what they know…..the only reason people give us pain in any form is because they are themselves going through a bigger pain
  • you love with an open heart, and then put a big fence around it.
  • making yourself more superproductive every single day and then balancing that out with long rest is one of your nature

Oh and btw, do not think by any means that your greatness is not defined by the money you make. Of course it is, provided you are earning blessings along with that money, and the money is being used for a greater good: yours and of the world.