How to die fast

  • Follow “intelligent” advices
  • Never travel to unknown lands
  • Never appreciate the small (and big) virtues of all
  • Not challenging your schedule
  • Living the same way for 80 years
  • Defining yourself in a framework instead of being adaptable to the miracles
  • Not living life on your own terms
  • Allowing yourself to be the football of others’ opinions
  • Getting happy on praise and upset on criticism, instead of measuring it by your own compass
  • Procrastinating on that project which your heart knows holds all the treasures, just to know that the end of your life precedes the start of the project
  • Measuring happiness by competing with others
  • The next point…..

… know in your heart doing what will lead to your demise or make you younger than ever.

Oh, and btw: You decide.