The amazing power of powerful happiness

How can you feel sustainably happy?

Why does she lift her step the way I dislike?

Why was I the one who was ridiculed at the party?

Oh yes, my hot black dress which I loved and no one gave a goddamn care about it?

Time to really pause and reflect, what is it that we associate our happiness to. Is it opinions of others or it is something that we feel about from inside?

The reality is, your life is very short and precious to allow someone else dictate it, even subtly. If we are not careful about what we really care for, doing real work versus trivial activities, or pursuing meaningful relationships versus the fake ones, there is statistical (and unfulfilled emotional) data that tells us that trivia is going to grab hold of us and virtually eat us.

So what is the solution?

Care about what you really care for. The human brain is historically and biologically designed to protect you. The truth is, going down the trenches of hurt and useless anger do make us feel better because they are fulfilling our need of significance. Where real growth as the human being lies is, to care and work on what is truly meaningful to you. People dislike even God, so there is zero probability that they are going to like you.

Why not try the other way round? Like, no love yourself. No one posts a selfie while crying. Do not allow their superhappy lives to ruin your bestestest life.

The fact is, you are a miracle. Discernment to invest your energies is your choice. You only need your permission.

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