Social media compulsion

Why does social media compulsion arise?

  • We are too dying to take control of what others are doing that in so doing we often forget what is relevant for each one of us.
  • Not having a vision to pull us forward.
  • The all too glittering and perfect lives of celebrities that for the time being, it is good enough to numb the pain you have almost numbed.

Why not consider this:

  • Do your bit and best to make us better. Yes, social media is somewhere important. And you always know intuitively how important it is.
  • Let go of what others are doing. It is bigger than what we think. Because you can never really control what anyone else is doing. By embracing this fact, you provide yourself with greater ownership for yourself.
  • Be a little kinder. A rage that engulfs the world with feeling inadequate, you are simply just perfect. What we need of you is to Be You, instead of trying to control anyone else.

Because, btw…it is Your Life. Even if something biiig and not beautiful happened to you because of someone else’s fault, it is still your responsibility to take your life in the direction you choose. No one can ever take that away from you.