You know when you have an abundant life.

It definitely doesn’t come with money alone. Had it been, the richest people would have been the happiest which they are not. Technically, making money is a wonderful thing. Because money is a magnifier. It makes you more of who you are.

What if you are complaining, in a lousy state, and smiling only on 29 February? Money will make you do more of that.

What if you find solutions to every problem, have the rarest form of optimism that no one can take away, and are alwayyysss beaming with energy? Achieving every goal you set is second nature to you. Money will make you do more of that.

So people, let us understand that when we become abundant in the right way, when we become a person of value, when we add tremendous value to each life we touch, when we are courageous and look forward to the positive outcomes, then we are living an abundant life.