Oh, me and my life

This is the way 95 per cent of the population lives their life. Stuck in the way others treat them, not allowing themselves to go beyond the circumstances.

Then there are the miraculous minority. These 5 per cent are the game changers. We all might see that whatever they touch, turns to gold. However, within them is the indomitable power that they nourish and cherish every single day. Water cannot wet it, wind cannot dry it. This power grows when they remember it and use it, and corrodes when left unutilised.

This power is the phenomenal power of the human spirit. You are more than any limitation that society has decided to tag you to. You are created in Infinity. For sure. Without a pause of doubt.

With all your love for yourself, remember your power. Because each and every one of us exists because we all are unique. Once we accept this creativity of ours, magic begins to happen.