Trade your expectations for appreciation, and your life will magically transform; says Tony Robbins.

In this huge bucket list of world giving you bundles of expectations, what is the way out to make everyone happy? Supersimple. Fulfill your expectations for yourself. Logically you will be happy then. Consequently you do not have to prove yourself out in order to get their approbation.

You might wonder, that you really want to make your family and friends happy by fulfilling their expectations. That is supercool. Please go ahead, and fulfill those which resonate with you. For the ones which do not resonate with you, have the discernment to say no, in order to say yes to yourself. How can you ever give happiness to anyone if your own cup is not full?

It is an easy life to live. Do not complicate it by permutations coming your way. You don’t deserve them. 😊