Being committed

What happens when one is in a committed relationship? Each person is totally focussed on the other, spend quality time with each other and have trust built into actions of their significant other.

Now, what would happen if you were in a committed relationship with your work?

Your deliverables will be epic.

You will think about making your work greater with every passing day.

All the ego pursuits of putting other people down and making yourself powerful in terms of your title and not as an elegant human being, will go away.

You will find yourself more focused on lifting the spirits of other people.

There is great power in living and dedicating your life to amazing awesomeness. We tend to feel lighter because the weight of self loathing that was being carried for years is finally lifted off and you are free to breathe.

Let us consider that the work you currently do is not your dream job. Now, when you are committed into making your dream job your real job exactly like all committed people do, you will land up in what all committed people get: what they love.

Isn’t that magical?