Quick easy legacy formula

What I can tell you about your life is this: you will die. When, not known. How, up to you.

Maya Angelou said, your legacy is what you do every single day.

Think about the life that you are living and investing your time and focus on. If you sleep tonight and never wake up, will you be proud of choosing peace and understanding over short quick burst of anger? If this moment, this very moment, were the last that life could ever offer you, will you be amazed at the tremendous value you created to all the lives who were blessed to be in your contact? Will you be contented of having spent deep moments with your family and friends? Is there someone who needs forgiveness and you have decided to carry them on your back throughout this journey and feel heavy every single day? Is there a deep pain in your heart that you need to release, because the things that break our heart are the very things that open it?

Do you say “I love you” to your parents at least once a day?

If not now, then when my friend? Even the richest people are not aware of their timeline in this costume of body.

If not now, then when?