The delicious irritations

Do you know someone who irritates you the moment you come in contact with them?

It is a feeling like the very reason they occurred in this world is to press your buttons, right?

Press your buttons. Yes, press your buttons. They are simply being their normal self and in the process if that hurt you, then maybe we really need to do some soul searching. The very thing that presses your buttons is the very limitation within you screeching to be healed.

Yes it is understandable that what they speak and do is completely illogical. Yes you are already making your efforts to be calm and composed yet they sometimes succeed in pressing your buttons. Come what may, the responsibility to protect yourself is yours. If there is something uncomfortable in terms of illogical and anger arousal is happening unceasingly, you need to develop the resilience to face it and be your absolute best. There is no option escaping it.

You cannot afford to lose your magic and spark for those who haven’t yet got a single opportunity to witness their own. You simply cannot.