The tough energy people

I know you do know people around you who are always filled with wonnnnderful energy and warmth. You can only feel better and optimistic in their company. Fortunately, they do not offer you any other option.

Well, here is what we probably fail to acknowledge: each and every super energy rich human has been through the deeeepest of valleys of pain. Beyond any wildest imaginations. They chose to leave the herd which cling to what happened to them in 1785 metaphorically speaking, and chose to make the lives of other people by being an example of possibilty.

When in life, you are faced with a big challenge, ask yourself: if this were the last ever, what quality do I need to develop in order to face this? Certainly, feel the pain. Feel the emotions that make you feel the hurt instead of numbing it. And also my friend, keep up the work of healing yourself through meditations, journalling, learning, forming new habits…..all by feeling the pain and suffering….by going through it and never over it. Because if you numb it now do not be surprised if at the age of 35 you are diagnosed with a terminal disease.

So feel it, whilst creating a way for your happiness consistently. Because we all need your amazing awesomeness that is over and above any, any pain that is on your platter to serve you. Period.