The top of the mountain

Your majestic life is going to have have huge mountains of highs and wonderful joys beyond your wildest imaginations. Just go inside them and enjoy those moments to the fullest. As large as you can.

After you have enjoyed the view from the top of the mountain, do not cling yourself to it or make it your identity. You are much, much more and bigger than what you have achieved. What has happened now is very soon going to be the past. What comes next may be superamazing or it may be a detour in your way to help you understand yourself and your life better. Happily, that is not your life again.

Your life is what you do every single day. Your legacy is not your bank account, even though it is richly filled up. Your legacy is what you give to the world and how you make them feel by your very occurrence.

Be in the now. Enjoy allllll the blessings that you have right now and that come your way in your journey. Also, learn to be calm and internally fulfilled when life does not give you what you wanted.

You being here now, is your consistent top of the mountain.