One thing is connected with another. Or it is not.

What is the connection between those, is precisely your life is based on.

For example, if you tie your happiness to humans no matter how close they are, you will be hurt when they did not behave in a manner that is right according to you. Knots tied in a wrong manner.

Let us tie the right knots. You will be happy no matter what. In so doing, you will be giving happiness specially when the other person needs it the most.

Yeah, you may be ridiculed for taking care of your happiness in the middle of a difficult phase, however, if you are not going to do so, how will you be the support for anyone? Remember, there is a difference between selfish and being happy. You and I do know that.

Take care of nourishing your tree of happiness… tying knots whose meaning does not disempower me or you.