What is the game dude?

What game are you into? Are you into the game of legacy or are you into the game of suffocating your integrity for the sake of a few minutes?

Are you into the game of knowing yourself better, or are you into the game of doing a research on other people’s behaviors instead of taking charge of your own?

Are you into criticising a difficult teammate just to vent out your frustration, or do you choose to go deep and give understanding and respect to them for where they are in their journey?

Are you diving into the blue ocean of possibility by doing one scary thing every single day, or are you simply dragging along your life sticking to the safety net of certainty?

Are you asking yourself the right questions, or are you sunk into the default victim mode?

And most importantly, do you take charge of your life story, or is it being run by the opinions and beliefs of the status quo?