Doing “thinking”

You would be stunned to know that most of the population is not thinking at all. What they think they think is simply memories of old thoughts repeatedly being projected.

If you want a life that you are proud of, the habit you must inculcate, is to think. Go out into the wilderness and let the mind wander into the blue ocean of possibility. Spend some time journalling about your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can capitalise on your strengths. Think over the ways you can challenge your own success formula. Ponder over how you could be more loving to your loved ones. If you had a difficult day, take time to think what were the blessings in disguise (there are, always) and lessons that came out of it.

Why are you and I doing this? So that, tonight and every night, when we go to bed, we have a sense of contentment on a day well lived, well thought and well acted upon and responded, not reacted.

You have infinite potential to reach the highest of limits that you ever imagined. What do you have to do for that? Simple, start thinking at that level of thinking.