Your fire

You were born with an inexhaustible fire that sustains you, nurtures you and nudges you to take the right direction in every step of your life.

Sadly, most of us have allowed our fire to be dimmed while seeking approval of family, peers or friends. However your inner fire is still within you. It is the only reason why you are here on this planet earth. It is whispering to you clothed in circumstances, signboards or even complaints of people. Listen to it. Let your fire glow as bright as possible and then even brighter.

Let your light become the direction in the path of many. Let your life and the way you lived each day become your legacy.

You were not born to live with and according to naysayers. You were not meant to be the football of anyone’s opinions. You were meant to dance, sing, create music, or do whatever that makes your heart sing, even though it does not make sense to anyone else. You are here to know your purpose and to live it in the most grandiose manner ever.

You are infinite. Anything less is dimming your inner fire. You do not deserve the luxury of doing that to yourself.