A hero is not the human who does not fall down or who does not break down into pieces. Rather, a real hero actually does go through all this.

If you want to rise in life, if you want to become amazingly awesome and breathtakingly wonderful in the work that you put in the world, always be assured that you are going to be ridiculed and opposed. The society loves the “normal” so much that it has failed to acknowledge the extraordinary in each one of us.

As a result, most of us give up on our own self in order to be liked and appreciated by people closest to us. The one who leaves the herd in order to craft their own path, is the real hero. Because only diamonds are rare, never the stones.

Here is the truth again: more you try to follow your principles, you are going to be trodden and even killed. Keep up the great work in becoming the hero of your life. Because your fabulous work and art is what will lift off the veil of lack of understanding from the world.