I am One In a Million

Most of us had pretty comfortable childhoods wherein our parents and our upbringing made us believe that we are One In a Million.

Believe me, they were 2000 % true.

With only one problem: before we could believe it, the world took us over and began telling us that we could be replaced and reversed at any point of time. We began accepting these lies that society told us, the lies that they had accepted for themselves; and the lies that made us anesthised to our own nature: that I am One In a Million.

If you could give one gift to yourself this new year, do this: take off the mask that you have been unconsciously wearing. Know thyself. What makes you One In a Million? There is at least one quality in each one of us that makes us One. We all just need that One quality in you, in order to be superawesomised by your example.

Please do that. So that the world is amazing by your presence.