The certain certainty

Tony Robbins points out the six human needs and how they drive our behavior. If we take a close look at that, any human behavior that we do not find resonating with our own is because we all have different human needs as our priority.

The place where most conflict arises is a human being with the basic needs of certainty meeting another with the basic need of uncertainty.

How to resolve that out? By charting out your intentions. Needs are basic and drive us, if the intentions encompassed meet a common ground, human beings usually find a way to achieve those intentions because they are bound by a common thread.

Ironically, people with uncommon intentions are not going to intersect at any point of time…..even if they have the common needs.

So what we all need to have certain is our intentions. The way each human being is crafted, it is imperative to have different needs. Focus on common uplifting certain intentions.