Make sense

Of soooo many years of trying to make sense for people surrounding you, today onwards start making sense for yourself. What you will notice is that the people will actually start to revere you or will simply start taking a new route. Is that not the best filter you could ever apply in your life?

You will be hated for being you and you will be kept at pedestal for being you. Since the journey is going to be challenging anyway, why not be alive fully by being yourself? Doesn’t that make sense instead of trying to take in what everyone wants and lose yourself in the process?

Everything, simply everything in the world is crafted refurbishment of illusion, that takes you away from being the best version of yourself. The world needs you to make sense only to yourself, and in so doing you will provide wings to each eye witnessing you. Go. Make sense. To your dreams and your values and your family and your real friends and your passion and your legacy that you are creating every single second of your existence.