What is the run actually for?

A sense of positivity and peaceful sleep comes from knowing that the work you put out in the world has been of service to humans who needed it to put out the fire on their head. If you are doing your work just for the sake of paying your bills (which is necessary of course, however it is the by-product and not the end goal) instead of having a north compass to drive you forward, chances are you belong to the 97 % of the population who die at 22 and are buried when the body dies.

Let us know that the world as it is today is the sum of collective consciousness of all of us. If we want to change the world by no means we the minority 3 % can sit back and criticize the unaware majority. It is our responsibility for being a part of this world to elevate them, uplift them and show them their own light by we shining in our brightest light. How do we do that? By doing meaningful work, by serving humanity through the work we put out, and by radiating positivity amidst confusion and focus and energy amidst difficulty and distraction.

That is the biggest service. Ever. Giving happiness by being happy internally.