Take the most out of shame

There is shame, tragedy and hurt. Then there is unexpected situation.

In the midst of all that, remember that everything that is happening is perfect and in divine order. We all can vouch for this by looking back at the seemingly difficult situations of the past which taught us superimportant lessons of life.

In the apparent chaos, the only effort you have to make is to keep imagining what you want and keep working on your mindset to focus on what is right. Why not ask yourself the question: What is the gift here? What is this trying to teach me? Because there is always a lesson and a tremendous gift. The quality of your life is the quality of your questions, as the legend Tony Robbins says.

You are not here to dim your light by being affected by people who have never made the effort to work on themselves. You are here to shine as brightly as possible, because that is what the ultimate goal for each one of us is. Shine. As. Brightly. As. Possible.