Is it resolved?

Coming up with opinions different from your colleagues / partner is great. It is a sign of healthy respect for the relationship and also for mutual growth. Once we do have distinguishing opinions, what do we do?

Obviously we resolve them. We either go along with Option A or Option B or we figure out a middle way. Right? Yes the problem was never in and will never be in arriving at the resolution.

The real problem which requires real solution is this: accepting the resolution. This happens when the resolution opted for does not fall in line with the one suggested by us. Quite often, the partner (business / life) who accepts the other partner’s opinion does so and at a later date in case of another conflict, all the previous buried issues are brought up to the top.

We need to pause and reflect: is this really the kind of life we are looking for? Firstly arriving at an agreement and later making a mess out of what all the “bad” partner has done to the “good” accepting partner? Dude, have a life. No one is going to be exactly the same as you. Great relationships are built on the foundation of accepting and never bringing it back because we love and respect our partners more than the past ego in that case. More so, is it really a healthy behavior on the part of the giver of this attitude? No, because this person is hardly ever living in the present moment, where all true abundance lies.

Past is the history, future is unknown. Focus on making today amazing.