This thing called standards

Everyone has standards whether they are aware of it or not.

Brushing daily is a standard.

Eating the meals with discipline is a standard. So is skipping a meal a standard for pacifying the ego.

Staying silent in a moment under fire, is a standard.

Bursting out your anger without understanding the other person, is a standard.

Working out 6 days a week is a standard.

Listening to audiobooks instead of radio while your commute is a standard.

Detaching yourself from the energy of waste talks is a standard because you know you are your number one responsibility.

So is gossiping a standard. Hanging around with mediocre people. Never spending time with yourself. Checking social media in case of an energy draining situation.

We all have this thing called standards. Each one of them are the various pillars that together create the building called You, Inc. Here is the most beautiful part: you do not get what you want, you get what your standards (read: habits, visible and invisible) are.