The sure shot way to infinite happiness

Want to feel happy on a consistent basis? Do not want to be diluted by the opinions of people? Want to feel light and free every moment of your life?

Here is the simple formula: focus your life on giving versus getting. Ask yourself, how can I serve? And then use every moment of your life to serve the world. Btw, having an elevated state of mind is one of the biggest services to the world because you are radiating beauty into the environment and the world.

Too often, people get confused between serving and losing themselves. Remember, you can serve only when your own cup is full and flowing. What can pour out of an empty cup is only emptiness. A full cup is the cup which actually serves. So, first service is for yourself because what is your world without you??? By doing this, you will be going with the flow so easily and amazingly that serves the world automatically.

The only reason so few people on the planet actually serve, is because they have never taken the time to nurture themselves.