Living life on your own terms

As you set out to have a life that you are proud of, you are going to be ridiculed.

Misunderstood is the price masters pay for being legendary, says Robin Sharma. It does not take much efforts to shout like the normal people, disregard and pull down like normal people, to gossip about the successful people like the normal people, and not to work upon your inner empire like the normal people. It is the normal people who end up at the exit gate.

Then there are the work-in-progress people. They are always filled with energy, even in the middle of a challenge, always ramping up their learning curve, forgiving, making time for what is most important, having tremendous success, feeling fulfilled, creating wonderful productivity. These are the people who create their own exit gate: never. They love their lives and work so much that they are focused on living each moment of it rather that thinking of the end.

The great ones do not have a lot of chat friends. They have a tiny group of wonderful people who are their loved ones. They care about their energy a lot and therefore relax in a relaxing manner instead of getting more tired at a party. They are the most loving and respectful human beings you will ever encounter.

If you want to live life on your own terms, you know which option to follow. It is not a one time job. Go to the place where you find your bliss. That is the place where you will have all your ideas of next right move. Always.