Bad day, uh?

An old saying goes, a bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul. It is in moments of pain that we witness our most beautiful growth. It is the unwinding of the cocoon that makes the butterfly. You simply cannot imagine becoming a butterfly without going through the cocoon phase.

Look closely at your life and ask yourself, what is it trying to teach me? Your life is your biggest teacher. Each and every moment of your life is your life whispering to you, about your next move. Listen to those and you will never regret them.

The amazing part is, as we keep on feeding the right information into our system, as we take care to make a life that feels amazing as per our own standards, as we speak our truth even when we are rejected, we develop an internal power that is unconquerable and invincible. It is this power that fuels you and sustains you through the troughs and valleys of life. It is this power that makes you understand that if you can see a dream, you have all the power within yourself to make it a reality. It is this power that propels you to keep walking in the forward momentum.

We all have this amazing power. Even though if you have had a bad day and even after your morning meditation, you have fallen down to cry, the power is always screeching to be utilized by you. Do you know why? Because that power is nothing without you. Technically, we are nothing without that power. Amazingly, we are undefeatable with that power.

So go for it my friend! In the moments when your ego is hurt, your soul has become fertile to grow a step further. Embrace this possibility of learning, and then, give yourself a chance to be upward with your power. The world needs more people who empower, which can pour out only of a full cup.