Supersuccessful superstar

What if you had the key to becoming the rockstar superstar of everything you do and every life you touched? What if you just received a magic wand that gave you everything you desired? What if there was a choice to be loving and kind in a moment when anger and resentment is the usual outcome?

All of this is possible. Not immediately, because it means going to Spanish classes for a week and then quitting because you were not fluent with the language. Practice these steps consistently and watch what happens to your life:

1. Daily learning for at least 60 minutes. Non-negotiable. Podcasts/books/audiobooks you choose. You cannot afford to not to do this, if you really want to witness change.

2. Forgive quickly. Forgiveness does not mean the other person’s actions were acceptable. Nope. It simply means you are done with carrying them on your back. That’s it. No more.

3. Spend time in solitude in nature sans your devices. All your answers lie in there. We just need to get into the flow to access all these answers.

P.P.S.: Just to give you a perspective, at the time of this writing, I as a human being on my journey, am going through very challenging times. So what do I do? Focus on creating value for you. It drives the ego out of job.