Social media pictures

Has it ever happened that you saw a near perfect picture of someone on social media and thought about your life to be imperfect and unjust?

This is because we are not aware of our own selves and our inner beauty and bliss that each one of us is blessed with. A picture used to be worth a thousand words decades ago, when having a picture was a luxury. In the era of minuscule picture sharing, a picture is simply the projection of a life that does not exist at all.

Do you know why? Because no one ever takes a pouting selfie while crying curled up in their bed. And when people do, they definitely make sure to make a smiling face before clicking one.

So dudes and babes, do not get hampered by looking at a friend’s imported clothes and laughing pictures on social media. You too have a 1000 laughing pics, I can bet on that. Your life is meant to make a dent in the Universe, as Steve Jobs said; and not to enter the status quo of everyday time stealers.

So when you feel provoked by a social media picture, do this to get out of loop:

  • Read / listen to an inspiring, uplifting message. Your brain will resist it because it is meant to. It is when you need it the most.
  • Ask yourself, “Is this what I want my legacy to look like? Killing my precious moments in lieu of creating outrageous happiness and value into the world?”
  • Read this blog. We all need to have a compass to propel us in the right direction. Hope this does that service to you, that is my greatest wish for you.