The only impossibility

Impossible is simply synonymous with not putting in the physical and emotional work into the dream you want to come true.

However here is the anomaly: the only impossibility on the planet everyone on the planet has. Let us see what it is.

When we are suffering, we are in very low frequency. The usual things start to annoy us. There is another thing called serving the world, helping other people out, being a point of light in someone else’s day. And we can do this anytime we decide to consciously do it.

Impossible is: our own suffering and we helping other people out to remind them to remember their own light. These two aspects cannot stand the face of each other. Impossible.

Our suffering ceases the moment we get out of ourselves and provide meaning to the lives of other people. Yes, please take care of yourself and also take care not to get entangled in that suffering. All you need is to change the pattern by shifting the gears into the help and upliftment mode.