Being victorious

Being victorious does not mean having better scores than others. That is being victim.

Being victorious does not mean quieting the human being in front of you. That is ego. Ego is always the opposite of victorious.

Being victorious also does not mean you will be quiet irrespective of when people try to run over you. A victorious person will yield quiet power in a moment of fire and make right things happen, peacefully.

A victorious person will own her game, and take full responsibility for every moment of theirs.

A victorious person will have only actionables and thinkables; not regrets.

A victorious person understands even those who are different from him, not because he agrees with their point of opinion, rather because he understands that the internal power of a human being is far greater than satisfying ego.

Also, it takes a victorious person to keep learning and growing, no matter what they do and where they are. It takes a victim to stick with their idea that has already kept them stuck for long.

Be the victorious person. Because internally, we all are. It is simply a matter of shifting the gears and taking hands off the brake.