A human being falls into various addictions like cellphone addiction or video game addiction or smoking or drinking; because they do not feel they belong. Since they do not belong, they rely on outside things to belong which finally gets them addicted, majority being cellphone addicts.

What is belonging? Belonging means being given the importance that each one of us deserves. Not the mighty thing called ego, rather the remarkable thing called respect for the human spirit.

So if at any point of time you do not feel belonged to, think of the people you are influencing. They may be your kids or your customers or people who come to you for help. This slays the feeling of not belonging and gives a perspective of the impact we all are making. Then, ladies and gentlemen, we realise that we are required and belong to the world because we are awesome. Even if some “good intelligent” people deny that, each one of us is awesome. We all belong. To Awesomeness.