Why compassion is necessary

If we are not compassionate, we do not understand the pain behind the other person’s eyeballs. In so doing, we expect them to be and behave our way.

Throughout the day, how many people are we doing to meet who live their lives as we want them to? None. So does that mean we will keep on losing the full well of our happiness to the moods of people?

There is an easy way out. Be focussed on your journey, on your path of values that feel comfortable to you. Then, when you notice someone being hurtful, you will realise that it is simply their pain and what you need to give is compassion and not anger.

Btw, will share a secret: we donate books, money, food, etc. to noble causes. The noblest is all is an elevated state of mind: that which could not be wetted by water or dried by air or moved by cracks. That which is invincible. You do not need to know some huge rocket science in doing this; you simply need to take care of your glass of happiness and also be compassionate (not critical) towards those who do not take care of theirs. That is the simple magic formula.