How to run away from all your problems

I know you are sick and tired with your problems, seems like a vast ocean of them. I understand that you are sick of dealing and fighting with them and really deserve a break.

Well, here’s your break: chill!! You do not need to run away from anything. You just need to accept the fact that you are Divinely protected and all your prayers are taken care of. You also must know that if you have done something undesirable or someone around you has done a mistake, and you know from the core that none of the parties has a nature of doing what they just did; then here is the answer: of all the actions and consequences tossed at you, there are some karmic debts to be paid.

Most karmic debts for all of us are beautiful, that is why we are together, here and now, to lift ourselves up. For the very few karmic accounts which are less than awesome as of now, remember that it takes only one person to make the situation totally different. If you be that one person and focus on giving only elevated energy the situation, you will create miracles.

Here is the real secret for overcoming future less than awesome situations: take care of yourself and your inner power. Recharge your battery by connecting it with the Source of all power. Do you know what will happen then? An adverse karma will come tossed to you and because you would have taken care of yourself it would go away without you getting emotionally disturbed and creating a more negative loop.

Is that not really powerful?