Which way to go?

Amidst all the concalls, people not behaving right ways, and the run for excellence, how would you ever know and have the discernment to decide the right path for you?

Yet we all know that all of the above is very important to grow and make others grow.

So what to do? How to feel calm and easy amidst all this going on outside? Simple. Make time to feel calm and easy in the middle of these complex tasks. Incidentally, Pareto principle is here to help us out here as well. You do not need to do much. You just need to take a break of 6 minutes every 60 minutes. Yeah yeah, you don’t have time. Btw, will share a secret: once you start carving out 10 % of your time for snoozing breaks (not even 20 like Pareto however this is recommended) your efficiency in the 90 % of the time is bound to go up by at least 20 %.

Paradox is, most of us follow the herd and have never taken the time to create our own sanctuary of peace amidst fire.