How do you define yourself

How do you define yourself is largely defined by the company of people you surround yourself with. Their ways of thinking, believing, behaving and occurring affect yours and that in turn determine the decisions you take for your way forward.

One hidden factor, of course, your vibes. The thing that you create in private and which shout louder than words in public.

O, btw, how you define yourself is not what your family, friends, colleagues, mastermind group members and neighbours tell to do. Your objective in life maybe entirely different from the entire planet. All cool. As long as you are making the world a better place and elevating them, you are doing a damn good job. Follow your heart dude, and do not replace money with people. Once you love people and use money, instead of doing the vice versa, both of them multiply multifold and make yourself awesome.

Focus on people. Being selfish is the only way to become selfless. Having the discernment to balance that out is the way you define yourself and allow others to define and treat you.