Rewarding the “right” brain

Our culture rewards the mathematics yet fails to recognise the psychology that lead to it. Someone who simply works hard and has had a good college education is not the only ingredient in producing huge record breaking sales, curating maximum files during the day and preparing best presentations.

What is unfortunately ignored is the inner dimension working in that excellent performer’s head. The colleague who delivered the maximum sales and still continues to break records didn’t simply get lucky, they knew that their product is going to be helpful to the customer – which is what they tell to the customer. The colleague who prepared a difficult project report with efficiency and effectiveness didn’t just do it by magic. She cared more about the work, zero about Instagram comments and superbly planned the multiple mini breaks during the day.

O btw, the more you shift from left brain logic to right brain creativity in the most mathematical tasks to the high level complex tasks of understanding human behaviour, we might just be as amazing as these standard setters.

Or may be, may be and may be, we might just change the other human being (a task thought impossible so far) by accepting them as they are, instead of questioning their very existence.