Coming together

Life is all about we. We all learn the new ways of living, learn to let go, become amazing and develop new insights and tools into the future by coming together for a better future and an excellent present.

We is composed of many “me’s” coming together. So the thoughts, behaviours and stories going on in the individual mindsets become the stories of the group.

Here comes the revelation: if there is something in you that needs to be fixed, a story, a behaviour, a thought pattern, an emotional upheaval: it is your responsibility to fix it. You just cannot escape from overcoming your dark night of the soul by giving the baton to your family, coworkers or society to fix it. Your number one job is you. As GaryVee says it so well, being selfish is the only way to becoming selfless.

You simply cannot pour anything out of an empty cup.

You simply cannot serve the world if you are yourself feeling bad or any of its cousin emotions with yourself.

So how do we go out on the road and make the world better? By taking care of yourself. By taking care of your dreams, desires, hopes, and handling fears, insecurities, hurts, pains, in a way that you keep working on the most important project daily and relentlessly: yourself.

And it does not have to take a lot of time to nurture yourself internally; just an hour in the morning and snoozing for 5-6 minutes every hour is more than enough to be a selfless, caring and superpowerful human being.

Fill your cup, so that your cup runneth over. Biggest service which everybody needs today is an elevated state of mind from others.

Let’s come together for the purpose of co-creation.