Your search for happiness is over, over, overwhelmingly over!!!!

If you have been waiting for that job, that promotion, that bonus, that trip, that tomorrow to make you happy, well here is the good news: none of them ever will. They do not have the right.

Here is the better news: you are made up of happiness and happiness is your very nature. If you believe that an event is going to dictate your happiness, it is equivalent of putting a price tag on something priceless, that which is eternal.

Here is the best news: your happiness is in your hands. Since it is in your hands you do not have to go ask anyone for it. You just have to take care of your own well of happiness. You just have to take care that you do not lose it over to those who do not take care of their own well. You just have to take care to not to define your happiness by someone else’s standards and set your own.

Well, here is the terrific news: you are going to feel drained and out of life if you give up on your freedom, if you do not do that which aligned with you and if you are not cool and calm enough to pick your influences.

Here is the most difficult action: just schedule your life. Schedule your day and consequently you will save yourself from the mindless rut of uselessness till infinity.

Because happiness is your very nature.